Meet OTU Team

O:TU’s Winemaker – Jan Kux

Based in Switzerland with his wife and two children, Jan will now call New Zealand home for half of the year with his new role in O:TU.

Seduced by the vine

Jan studied at Geisenheim, Germany and Bordeaux, France. He spent his summers as a tour guide in France where he was eventually seduced by the winemaking industry and his legal career was replaced with a life amongst the vines.

Pushing the boundaries

The intention with O:TU is to create wines that push the boundaries of what has traditionally come out of Marlborough.

“The Awatere Valley vineyard terroir is outstanding, producing fruit that has bold flavour even by Marlborough standards. Our vision is to take that fruit and craft bold, distinctive wines, using the Old World winemaking techniques I have learned at some of the great vineyards of Europe.” says Jan.”
*Jan is pronounced like “yarn”, but shorter to rhyme with “sun”, and Kux sounds like “cooks”.